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life-affirming images

Recovery from injuries

If you click on the video clips below you will find other examples of visualisation research and how some people use it and their outcomes - they are moving towards manifestation  - but I use visualisation in therapy for physical and emotional outcomes  primarily. 

The result is that you feel better about yourself and about your world and this has an impact on your emotions and that has an impact on your perceptions, interactions and actions and your 'actual' world starts to improve.  Come and try it!

Anyone can improve their life with visualisation.  Working with the conscious and subconscious mind using imagery, feed your brain and your psyche with uplifting, enriching, empowering, motivating images and you create the positive emotions that go with that imagery.  Beware! The reverse is also true.


Since the brain does not distinguish between an actual walk in a bluebell wood and a vividly imagined one that incorporates all the senses, you can lay down any amount of positive, wonderful, life-affirming, loving 'memories' - even if your real world seems to be short of them!

Research in neuroscience has shown that the brain does not differentiate between a real environment and an imagined one.  So your brain cannot distinguish between a real and a vividly imagined scenario or set of scenarios.  This has huge implications in  any number of areas.


There is a lot of research ongoing in this area:  one such piece of research is chronic pain suffers being in a fMRI (functional MRI - can take pictures of real-time brain function as opposed to an ordinary MRI which takes pictures of the brain's anatomy) machine so that technicians and doctors can see real time images of activity in the brain:  They are asked to concentrate on the area that has pain and then visualise an image of a candle flame at full brightness and are asked to associate their pain with the flame - the flame is then very slowly dimmed and a high percentage of chronic pain sufferers experience a significant reduction in the pain and some experience a complete loss of pain.  The doctors can see the areas that register the pain in the brain shrinking.

Why is it such a powerful tool?

Visualisation is a very powerful tool for change.  I have used it throughout my work as a therapist to support the work I am doing with my clients.  With cancer patients I have used it to support pain and symptom management, increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and limit any possible damaging effects.


I have also used it for people who are healing from injuries or need to allow emotional release of some kind.  The uses of visualisation are endless, such is its versatility.  Because I have found it so useful and effective,  I have developed two complete sets of visualisations: The Ancient Stone Series and the Mansions of the Mind Series.  These two series have several hundred visualisations between them!  I often use albums and vision boards to support the visualisations.