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"I wanted to thank you so much for helping me to see my life more clearly and to be kind to myself. You're wonderful at what you do!" 


 AW, Surrey, England

Linda has been both a mentor and a facilitator in my life.  We met over 10 years ago when I was struggling through a very difficult time.  With Linda's guidance (by phone, Skype and in person) I was able to navigate through some very dark moments.  She introduced me to LifeDots and HeartMath along the way, as well as other techniques, modalities and ideas, all of which have helped me to cope and to move forward with new understanding and knowledge.  


Linda works with compassion and wisdom sharing her innate gifts without imposing beliefs.  She allows you to draw your own conclusions, to essentially solve your own issues while discretely providing and suggesting tools to help you rethink the situation from different points of view. She is a professional who works with you and for you and helps you to open doors that you didn't even know existed. 


KD, Ottawa, Canada

"I sent you our scan picture to show you what our baby looks like. Without your help @@@@@@ and I would not be where we are today and I'm truly grateful for all your guidance. Thank you." 


HC, Surrey, England


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