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What is Reiki?


Reiki was developed by a Japanese Buddhist monk called Mikao Usui in the late 19th Century - though its history is believed to go back 2000 years or more. 


'Reiki' is the Japanese name for the energy of the universe.  'Rei' meaning Universe and 'ki' meaning energy - 'Ki' in Japanese is more commonly known as 'Chi' in the West.


In Reiki, this universal energy comes through the Reiki healer into the client's energy field and into their body.


This is done by the healer gently placing their hand on the client's body. The western tradition, in which I was trained, is to place the hands in set positions around the head and down the body. I always follow that up with placing my hands wherever I am drawn to place them, as in the Japanese style of Reiki training.  


It is believed that reiki was originally used by Buddhist monks, alongside rituals, meditation, prayer and rituals as part of their devotional practice.  They used it in order to move chi around the body in an effort to move closer to fully embodying universal energy.


I use a standard massage couch and the client lies on their back, fully clothed.  There is normally music in the background (optional) and often I will cover the client with a light blanket as people's body temperature tends to drop a little.


It is a very relaxing treatment lasting around an hour and can be used for relaxation, self-nurturing, healing, pain relief, balance and a sense of peace.