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Meditation is

quieting the mind

 so as to rest in awareness

Mindfulness is the


awareness of one's experience without judgement

Here are 3 experts talking about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation

      • better quality of sleep
      • reduced anxiety levels
      • reduction in blood pressure levels
      • a better sense of self
      • pain management
      • a better feeling about oneself
      • improvements in recovery from depression
      • better focus, concentration and memory
      • improved mental clarity
      • an improved sense of wellbeing
      • improved learning capabilities
      • boosted immune system
      • prevent, slow and control chronic diseases
      • better recovery times from illness and injury
      • improved protection against mental illness
      • heightened awareness - senses are heightened
      • less sense of loneliness and isolation
      • increased compassion
      • increased brain plasticity
      • better able to control thoughts
      • better able to control reactiveness
      • thicker cortical walls - slower aging
      • thicker cortical walls - better decision making
      • may increase telomeres (also involved in aging)

There is a lot of research around today on the benefits, I won't list the research papers here but they are very easy to find on the internet.  There is an excellent article in the Huffington Post:

The techniques of meditation, mindfulness and mindfulness meditation can be immensely beneficial to both mind and body.

What have meditation or mindfulness got to do with therapy?




Some of the benefits are:

That's why I use it in therapy!