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It never ceases to delight me when I watch and listen to clients as they realise that the limitations that they thought were in place and immovable aren't there any more and the realisation that they can achieve an astonishing range of things that they didn't believe were possible at the outset.


The more we learn about the brain, the more we realise that most of the limitation that we think are there are actually imposed by us, by our emotional selves. We are capable of infinitely more than we currently acknowledge.


Please click on the headings on the right to see details on some of the approaches I use in LifeDots Living.  There are several others which will go up there over time.

Mostly, I work in people's homes or in a chat room but, very occasionally, and only when the client is absolutely ready, I have also worked 'on location' when dealing with fears and phobias.

I love science and technology and am very interested in the latest research going on into everything to do with the brain, our minds, new understandings in mental  and physical health - alongside a host of other topics.


These new disciplines and understandings that I research are looked at with a view to incorporating  into LifeDots Living the knowledge that I think will be useful to my clients.


If you want to be really good at helping people - at therapy - then you need to be constantly learning and prepared to go the extra mile.  I love the work I do, I love learning and I love people - so I am one of the lucky few who get to do what they love and get paid for it! 

LifeDots Living is the umbrella that contains everything I do in the therapy and healing area. It includes the mainstream therapeutic and healing tools that I use - NLP, EFT, MR and Reiki and is the home for all the extra techniques, technologies, understandings and scientific discoveries that I use as well. 


So, if it's on the LDL page or linked to the LDL page then it isn't part of NLP, EFT, MR and Reiki.  That way there is no confusion.


I regularly come across minor techniques and, occasionally, some much more major interventions or technologies that I think would benefits clients - and LDL is their home. 

What is LifeDots Living?

Remember join-the-dots when you were a child?  You had no idea what the shape was until you joined up all the dots - and then it would, seemingly miraculously, reveal itself?!


Look at your life - every experience, every milestone, every tragedy and every triumph, everything you learned and every person you value are one of your Life Dots.


Now is the only moment in which you can change things, the past is gone and the future hasn't arrived yet - so now is your pencil. Only you can decide which dots you join to which other dots.  The way you do it, the order you choose, the size, shape, colour and importance you assign each 'Dot', becomes the story of your life.  You can choose how the 'Dots' connect to each other and in doing so you change the 'shape', you change the story.  Your choice - always.


In LifeDots Living I encourage clients to connect everything useful, positive and loving in their lives - this strengthens the connections in their life - it joins-the-dots.  It is these connections that create the life-story.  It is the sense of self that comes from these connections that adjusts your perspective and attitude in adversity.  When you change the connection pathways you change the story. No-one is limited to their immediate experience.


So, though the present moment is crucial, it is never just about the present moment in a life - it is about joining the dots and creating meaning and purpose from your experiences which means you take charge of what you want your life to be about and the person you are.  Your life ceases to be a 'random' collection of experiences and it tells the story you want it to.

Why is my site called LifeDots Living?

LifeDots Living

Join your dots and find your way