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I work face-to-face, on Skype and on the telephone both in the UK and overseas

Dying,  death and bereavement ~ coming to terms with the diagnosis, helping your loved ones to cope, navigating through all the staging posts on the journey,  I have over a decade of experience in working with cancer patients and their families in hospitals, hospices and at home.  

Reiki for peace 

Personal Development ~ public speaking, presentation skills, exam success, exam nerves, improving mental focus and memory skills, achieving goals, removing bad habits and anchoring good ones, learning to relax, finding your keys to happiness, learning new behavioural patterns that better serve your needs in life. Modelling successful strategies.

Reiki for balance

Physical illness,trauma/injury problems ~ techniques for helping to promote healing and accelerating recovery times, for the management of pain and symptoms. Understanding the part emotions play both in how you experience  pain and in how you can manage and/or overcome it. Building new patterns to aid recovery and letting go of the patterns that impede your progress. Improving chronic conditions.

Reiki for healing

Personal issues ~ depression, stress, self-esteem issues, anxiety, negative emotions, procrastination, anger management, feeling out of control of one's life, creating a calm centre, confidence issues, feeling a lack of direction and motivation, sleep issues, self-acceptance, relationship challenges, fears and phobias, learning new behaviours and removing old patterns that don't serve you any longer.

Reiki for relaxation

Hundreds of NLP strategies, patterns and techniques

helping you in every situation

Welcome to LifeDots Living


I offer a safe, experienced helping hand when you need it.


NLP is about recognising your patterns, learning new ones, reframing your experiences and anchoring more beneficial emotional states. Once you can cope, you can analyse and change in order to balance and grow your life. 


Matrix Reimprinting is about resolving trauma from our past and transforming memories. You can go into any past memory, bring in new resources, and transform the picture you have of that memory. You can also create positive emotional states for the future.


EFT is about releasing negative emotions and states in order to bring your psychological and physical self back to balance. It is also a dynamic self-development tool.


NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, used together, are a very powerful force for change. The emphasis is on making sure you have coping strategies for the issues you face and helping you more fully embody the reality that you are the expert on you.  You can change your life.


I bring a wealth of experience both professional and personal.


With LifeDots Living I also bring a passion for current research in neuroscience and the heart and our emotions,  helpful techniques from other disciplines and relevant, useful technological advances.


I take an eclectic approach to working with any issue and have experience of, and am happy to recommend, additional approaches.


LifeDots Living is an active, dynamic, goal-oriented and very practical approach to overcoming issues and creating the life you want.


I look forward to discussing your needs with you.