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Below  is the original EFT infomercial created by Gary Craig, the Founder of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). That's why it says at the end 'EFT is still in the experimental stages'.  It's way past that stage now and is used around the world.  His website is a great resource and I recommend my clients to take a look:

These are just a few, come along to a session and see if your issue can be helped with EFT.

addiction issues

overcoming limiting beliefs

creating success and abundance

self development

assertiveness issues

anger management

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

self esteem issues

sadness and grief


fear of public speaking

money issues


Multiple Sclerosis




TMJ problems

trauma and abuse


chronic pain





weight issues

smoking cessation

Obviously it doesn't cure or solve every issue in every person.  Nor, when it does solve issues, does it always do it in one session. Almost all issues in all people are positively affected and some are eliminated.  It may take several sessions to achieve optimum effects - but please remember, you can do this at home as well as in session - so come and learn and try it for yourself. 

EFT: "try it on anything" says Gary Craig - whether it's  physical, emotional or both

EFT is often called psychological acupuncture. It was developed by Gary Craig, a Stamford engineer, who originally studied Roger Callahan's TFT (Thought Freedom Technique) and then simplified it and came up with the EFT we know today.  It consists of tapping on a number of energy meridian points on the head, face, body and/or hands. It is a simple but very effective technique.


It follows the belief that we have a physical body, run by the brain, and a set of energy systems (sometimes called the energy body) which are more closely attuned to the heart and our emotions. 


When we have emotional issues they often result in physical problems. When we have physical issues they often result in, or have associated emotional problems. 


If you use EFT's tapping technique to target one side of the issue, either physical or emotional it has an effect on both sides of our systems.


Energy (sometimes called meridian) therapies connect ancient wisdom and insights about our bodies and consciousness with today's quantum understanding.

What is EFT?

I had absolutely no expectation of anything happening as I had yet to be convinced that EFT was a working treatment modality for anything!  Anyway, all the pain went - I was a little surprised to say the least.  I kept rotating my arms and lifting them throughout the rest of the day (movements that would have instantly been uncomfortable previously) and the pain didn't return - and 9 years later it never has.

On the first morning, after we had learned the basic tapping sequence, Judy asked for 6 volunteers - 3 with emotional issues and 3 with physical issues to come up to the front and tap on themselves on these issues in front of the class.  There weren't that many of us and when enough people didn't come up, I volunteered. I am an incredibly healthy (if not particularly fit!) person and I had developed arthritic type pain all the way up my left arm (I am left-handed) and part of the way up my right. So much so, that at the end of a car journey I had to go round to the passenger side of the car to get my handbag out as I couldn't lift at that angle from the driver's seat.

My Story with EFT

I was lucky enough to be trained in EFT by my former tutor in hypnotherapy, Judy Byrne, who trained directly with Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. Judy is now one of only 29 people worldwide to whom Gary Craig has given the title of EFT Founding Master.


If I hadn't got the introductory letter from her, I probably wouldn't even have read it - it didn't sound particularly plausible to me.  Since the letter was from Judy, I paid attention and decided to suspend my disbelief and take the course. I am so glad I did! 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)