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Clients find it fascinating that using just their minds, feelings and breathing they can operate software on screen - but it is used more and more across the world now.


Come and try it for yourself!

Though I am not a biofeedback therapist, I have used biofeedback almost from the start - using tools and software that clients can buy and use for themselves.

What is biofeedback?


It is a technique used to learn to control some of your body's functions, such as heart rate variabilty, which leads on  to being able to control more subtle areas such as muscle relaxation, pain management, lowering blood pressure, relieving stress and many others.



What happens?


You are connected to sensors that show information on a screen or with an audible tone.  You then use the information received (feedback) about your body (bio) to start making changes.


You are using your thoughts and feelings to control your body - whether it is for relaxation, symptom management, health issues, stress management or physical performance.

I started with galvanic skin resistance monitors (No.1) and occasionally heart rate and blood pressure monitors (No.2)  and went on to add Wild Divine and Healing Rythyms (Nos.5 and 6) and HeartMath software programs such as Freeze Framer (No.3). 


The new generation of these programs is with us now in the form of EmWave 2 (nos.7 and 8) and Inner Balance (No. 4) for the iPhone.

Why do I use it?


One of the major factors in someone choosing to see a therapist is the stress caused by certain life experiences, health issues, emotional difficulties, physical difficulties and/or trauma (to name but a few causes of stress).


Stress results in a very wide range of symptoms - from poor sleep to panic attacks, from high blood pressure to constant anxiety - and a host of other side effects.


With these simple tools it is easy to learn to change your emotional responses and control your stress. After only a short period of time everyone shows stress and anxiety reduction and/or a lowering of blood pressure. Everyone I have ever used this with showed improvement - it is only ever a question of the degree of improvement. 


You would use the tools/software along with exercises in breathing, meditation, visualisation, mindfulness and others. This allows you to take control of stress and its negative side effects.


It is much easier to believe all the benefits which are possible when you can see actual changes in the results on the screen. I find that more can be achieved and results are quicker and more easily understood.